Irrigation Systems and Services

One of the keys to having an outstanding lawn and landscape is to adequately irrigate the grounds. 
Grass Masters designs and installs residential and commercial sprinkler systems.
  • Existing Sprinkler Systems - Broken sprinkler heads and lines are replaced.  Clogged lines and heads are cleared and raised and adjusted as needed.
  • Spring Startup Service - Spring startup services include: checking all valves and sprinkler heads; ensuring coverage of lawn, trees, shrubs, flower beds, and surrounding areas; adjusting nozzles as needed; clearing growth around sprinkler heads; and reprogramming the irrigation controller.
  • Winterization Service - In the late Fall, sprinkler systems are blown out with compressed air to remove the majority of the water in the system to prevent damage from freezing.  The irrigation controller is reprogrammed.
Snow Removal Services

Grass Masters provides a snow removal service for its residential and commercial properties.  We can perform the service on a contractual or indvidual job basis.

Our equipment services driveways, walkways, and parking lots.  This equipment includes truck mounted plows, walk-behind snow blowers, and snow shovels.

Approved ice control chemicals are put down as appropriate.

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