We work directly with each of our customers to match your desires with your lawn conditions and your budget. 
Grass Masters will prepare a recommendation that will: 
  • Show a computer image for each of the proposed landscape designs with appropriate plans, trees, colors, and shapes for each locality within the property.  This way you can actually see what each design will look like and cost.
  • Include the appropriate landscape material such as ornamental rocks or other material.
  • List the sizes and shapes of the beds and their localities.
  • Provide an itemized list of all the costs to match a design to your likes and budgets.
All plants, shrubs, and trees will be guaranteed and will be replaced at no cost to the customer should they die.  We also do landscaping for new construction, working with home builders and contractors on a regular basis.


Your landscaping is generally maintenanced at the same time as your lawn.  However, you do not have to be a lawn customer for
Grass Masters to take care of your landscaping.

In addition to trimming and pruning, we monitor your landscaping for damage (infestation, weather, etc.) and provide treatment accordingly.

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